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Winter fishing

Winter fishing in the area


After the darkest polar night begins the best ice fishing season as the days grow longer, and continue till the ice melts. Some years the season lasts as late as till midsummer. 


Arctic char, the most beautiful fish of the mountain lakes, is also the most wanted catch for ice fishing. Winter fishing is very popular, and it is a fine way of relaxing. To guarantee a nice ice fishing trip we recommend transport and catering services.


 Trout fishing in Skoganvarre

Services connected to winter fishing at Skoganvarre:


  • Guide services
  • Transport services to the mountains and fishing sites.
  • Day safaris with services.

Good to know:


  • On some lakes the ice may be weak at places due to currencies.
  • You might need an extension to your ice-drill.
  • Information about fishing licenses and prices.
  • Brochure of inland fishing in Finnmark is found here.
  • Further information about inland fishing is found here.
  • Check the weather before the trip.
  • In some areas you need a lake specific fishing permit.
  • The weather may change quickly on the mountains.
  • Hire a guide if you are going to an area you are not familiar with.
  • Be aware of you whereabouts.
  • Dress warmly.
  • Take care that you have the emergency numbers saved to your mobile.
  • (Fire brigade 110, Polis 112, Ambulance 113).
  • In the mountainous area the mobiles function variably.


Ice fishing in Skoganvarre