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Wall Of Fame

Skoganvarre Wall Of Fame


Wall Of Fame is an all-time listing at Skoganvarre café, meant for the customers of Skoganvarre. The idea is to gather the biggest specimens of precious fish into statistics, maintained at Skoganvarre. For those in the leading position a free accommodation package for two nights is offered, including sauna and lodging at an agreed date. 


Wall of fame / ennätyskalat / Skoganvarre / Finnmark 


Season 2014 is the second year for Wall Of Fame statistics. It will start over every year. The names of the winners will be published here in the end of the year. Next time the winners will be published in December 2014.



  • You have to be a customer in Skoganvarre to be able to register your fish into the wall of fame listing.

  •  The fish has to be caught with rod equipment.

  • A photo of the fish is enough evidence, but the picture must show somehow the weight and length of the fish.

  •  The series are: salmon, sea trout, arctic char, trout and grayling.   
  • If two fish are of the same size, the first registering is valid.


When you register your fish to the Skoganvarre Wall Of Fame:


  • Send a mail with a photo of the fish to: wall-of-fame@skoganvarre.com

  • Include your name, and the number of the fishing license.

  • Include the species, weight and length of the fish.

  • Let us know if you released the catch or not.


Note! By registering your fish you allow us to publish your name and the photo of the fish on  www.skoganvarre.com page. Naturally you can send the picture and information using a stage name and remove all the identification information from the picture if you wish to stay anonymous.


If you don’t know all the information about the fish, tell as much as you know and our prestigious jury will make the decision about participating in the competition.


Wall Of Fame statistic winners


The names of Wall Of Fame statistics winners will be engraved into sterling silver plates, and plates attached to their honourable places on a pine board that is situated at the Skoganvarre café for all to admire. The timely catch situation and winning catches can always be found out from the café.


On the board, a space is left for the all-time fisher king, which is announced every 6 years. At the moment there are 13 sterling silver plates waiting to be engraved each year with new statistics winners. We support C & R fishing, so do not kill the fish in vain, rather take a picture of the fish and then release it back to the waters to reproduce.



 Wall of fame / ennätyskalat / Skoganvarre / Finnmark


The current situation 2014


The current situation is as follows, if you have caught a bigger fish while in Skoganvarre than the ones mentioned below, please register the fish and you will have your name where it belongs, among the other fisher royals.


Biggest fish
year 2014
Weight: Length:  Fisher:  Picture:
Arctic char


Season 2013


In the season 2013 the kings of Skoganvarre Wall of Fame were the fishermen listed below. All winners received free accomodation from Skoganvarre for two days. Get yours this year!


Biggest fish
year 2013
 Weight:  Length:  Fisher: Picture:


19.0 kg

124 cm Hannu Stöckell Juho Huttunen
 Sea trout
 4,6 kg   Viljo Simpanen Viljo Simpanen
3.025 kg 65 cm Seppo Pastila Seppo Pastila
 Arctic char
1.02 kg   Jouni Riihimäki Jouni Riihimäki
 Grayling 1.45 kg

54 cm

Konsta Heikkilä Konsta Heikkilä
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