TIGHT LINES!Skoganvarre

Tips and best equipment

Here you will find tips for fishing in the area. By getting familiar with these tips you will ensure, that you have with you the right kind of equipment. The tips serve you best, if you are a beginner in fishing in the area, but may give new ideas to a more experienced fisher as well.


Tips for salmon fishing


The best flies always arise emotions and are a classic subject to conversations. We have listed a few, and everyone has their own, there is no right and wrong. All the variations of Sunray Shadow, and the traditional white and black Sunray shadow are good. In addition Cascade, Glödhäck and Green butt are worth trying. A more experienced fisher surely carries in his box a few olive coloured “Sarvijaakkos”.


 Lakselva Salmon flies


As dry flies all bomber variations work well, and lately also ”surf board” has shown its effectiveness. In salmon fishing in the area it is best to use a fair-sized two-handed salmon rod, because on river Lakselva you may run into the biggest salmon of your life.


Big salmon at Skogavarre Lakselv river


With small equipment fishing big salmon is challenging to say the least. Salmon rod classes 9 to 12 are recommended. Waders and wading shoes are needed in salmon fishing, or at least they make the fishing more agreeable. Through the whole season the water is cold and wearing sufficient undergarments is necessary. 


Tips for inland fishing 


On inland waters you manage well with lighter equipment. Ultra light gear and light, class 3 to 5 fly rods are recommended. Although if catch a big lake trout, you might be in trouble with light equipment. In some waters there are also big pikes and perches. Wading equipment or renting a boat is recommended.



Tips for sea fishing


High tide is usually the best time to fish from shore. However, it’s good to know the shoreline, since it’s not the sea that guarantees the catch, but choosing the best location is a key factor. Sea fishing still gives the best results on a boat. We can help you with boats, and guides for sea fishing. Watch out for the fast rising tide, it manages to make most first timers wet, and steal equipment.


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