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Snowmobiling in the area

Snowmobiling Skoganvarre area and nearby terrain


Skoganvarre Finnmark region and offer great opportunities for snowmobiling. Snowmobiling is  a popular hobby in northern Norway, and it has lot of local fans. This of course will ensure that the are plenty of snowmobile trails and routes are of high quality. The scenery is spectacular and the snowmobile season will continue well into the spring.


Snowmobile Races in all its forms, is held annually in the region. From the News page you will find more info about the upcoming competitions.


Snow scooter / Norway / Skoganvarre / Moottorikelkkailu Norjassa

We can help you in all matters related to snowmobiling. Skoganvarre Villmark is a very good place to stay or stop for a visit with snowmobile as the routes can be accessed from Skoganvarre yard. Through us you can also rent snowmobiles, ask for more information by calling or sending an email.


You can get to the very best snowmobile trails directly from our yard. We welcome all groups and individuals for Snowmobiling at Skoganvarre, we will provide you all the snowmobiling-related services.


Good to know:

  • Snowmobile trails in Finnmark region you will find on this map.
  • Driving routes does not entail an extra charge in Norway.
  • Snowmobiling outside of official routes is prohibited and severely punished.
  • Comply with the standards.
  • Remember that alcohol limit in Norway is 0.2‰.
  • Snowmobiles must be registered and insured.
  • You must use a helmet at all times.
  • Driving routes are controlled by both snowmobiles the helicopters.
  • Weather can change very quickly on the fells.
  • The wireless network may be weak at times, or it will not work at all.


When departing on a snowmobiling area, make sure that:


  • You have the equipment for making a campfire
  • You have a spare change of clothes
  • You are dressed warmly.
  • You have a map, compass and GPS.
  • You are aware of where you are going.
  • Someone knows where you are heading and when you will return.
  • Weather report is appropriate.
  • Move preferably go snowmobiling in a group or with a friend.
  • The phone has enough power.
  • Snowmobile is in working condition and operational condition is ensured.
  • You are carrying enough fuel.
  • You have general emergency numbers in your phone
    (Fire Brigade 110, Police 112, Ambulance 113).


Snow scooter / Norway / Skoganvarre / Moottorikelkkailu Norjassa


Vide from snowmobile competitions at Lakselv 2011
Little more speed...



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