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Salmon parasite

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Salmon parasite (Salmon fluke) is a contagious parasite that is capable of totally destroying the reproduction of salmon in a river in just a few years. First sightings of Gyrodactylus salaris in Norway date back to 1975. Since then it has destroyed the salmon population in about four out of ten rivers in Norway. The parasite can spread from one fish to another, but also through water, baits and other equipment. At worst the parasite can destroy the whole fish population of a river.

Preventing the spreading of salmon parasite is every fisherman’s responsibility. Make sure that you follow the given instructions. The parasite mostly harms migrating Parr and river fry - the growing specimens. In practice it breaks the skin of the fish and predisposes the fish to various bacterial and fungal infections.


Only the Atlantic salmon population is affected by salmon parasite but other species may be carriers. It can transfer from water system to another through equipment, offal, fish, and water. Make sure that all your equipment is disinfected and follow all the given instructions.


Instructions to fishermen:

  • Disinfect all the equipment you use.
  • Do not bring water from other water systems to the area.
  • Do not empty water or sewage containers from your caravan into the water system.
  • Ensure that no water from one system to another is carried in your boat. (Cooling water, bilge water).
  • Do not gut fish around any other water system than where you have caught the fish.
  • Do not leave / throw offal to the river or shore, so that birds and other animals cannot carry them to other water systems.

Equipment and boat disinfection can be done at Skoganvarre. Find more information about salmon parasite also here.

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