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Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing on river Lakselva

Salmon fishing is one of the most common reasons to travel to northern Norway. River Lakselva and the areas near by offer the best places in the world for salmon fishing. Lakselva has been among the ten best salmon rivers in Norway in recent years. Already for generations the river is known of its plentiful catches and big salmon. There is always a chance to catch a salmon weighing over 20kg. Salmon bigger than 10kg are common. You can take a look at catch statistics here. In 2013 amount of 7 770 kg kg salmon was caught with rod equipment from Lakselva.

Salmon Fishing in Lakselv

Useful links:

  • The prices of fishing permits: Lakselva prices.
  • Map of Lakselva area: Lakselva.no map.
  • Tide calendar: sehavniva.no
  • More information about salmon parasite: here.
  • Salmon’s weight in relation to length: chart
    (Lakselva salmon belongs to group kort type).
  • We support Catch& Release fishing, see here instructions for correct handling of the fish.


River Lakselva is divided into several zones, to which you need to buy separate permits. In addition, there are private areas to which in some cares you may buy permits from the landowners. Fishing in private areas is only allowed by landowner’s permission.

 Lakselva / Skoganvarre


It is good to keep in mind the following when fishing salmon:


  • Make sure that you have valid permits.

  • Fishing season begins June the 6th at 24:00 and ends August the 30th at 24:00.

  • You may fish sea trout on the river till mid September.

  • Get to know the fishing rules of the area and follow them.

  • Catch report has to be made always.
    (Catch report)

  • Get to know the borderlines in the area, private areas and preserves.
  • Take care that you fishing equipment is disinfected according to the instructions.

  • Have with you at all times: disinfection certificate, state fishing card, salmon permit and your ID card.

  • Follow the gentleman’s rules.

  • We recommend returning to the river the big female salmon to maintain a good salmon population.

  • There is a limit to how many fish you can take out of the river, learn about quotas per person.

  • You can also buy dry fly permits for lower price to the river Lakselva.

  • In addition to salmon there is also sea trout, arctic char, and grayling in the river Lakselva.


When reserving your salmon permit, remember that the selling of permits begins in March to all fishermen. Many visitors come to the area, so reserve your permit in good time. There is a limited amount of permits for sale to the area.

Trekking for salmon in Lakselv

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