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Other rivers in the area

Teno, Stabburselva...


In addition to Lakselva, you will find several impressive rivers in the area, some bigger some smaller. Here we will introduce you to a few, worth considering in case you want to move forward.


Always keep in mind that each river has its own rules and you have to be aware of them while fishing on them. Some local fishing associations may also demand that equipment must be disinfected every time you have been fishing on another river.




Teno is probably the most known of the rivers in the area. It is good to know, that on some of the Norvegian side tributaries of Teno, fishing is not allowed for foreigners. However, Teno offers great fishing opportunities also on the Finnish side. Turn to us for more information and services.


Teno river

For more info about fishing at Teno river: www.tenojoki.fi


River Stabburselva is also known of its big salmon, and there is a chance to catch one over 10 kg. The river appears very similar to Lakselva, but is in most parts narrower and a little smaller.  Stabburselva is divided into several zones, and to each zone there is a limited amount of permits available. Stabburselva is only about 40km from Skoganvarre area. Try the Whitney Houston -fly. And for dry fly, try a brown bomber. Find more information on Stabburselva web page.

 Stabburselva salmon river



River Repparfjordelva is located about 114 kilometres from Skoganvarre.  The river gives plenty of fish, but the average size of fish is a bit smaller than on Lakselva. Repparfjordelva is also worth a visit. Further information is found here and here.


Salmon Fishin in Repparfjordelva




River Börselva is located about 70 kilometres from Skoganvarre. It is known from its clear water and mighty Silfar Canyon, which is the largest unconstructed canyon in Europe. The average size of salmon is smaller than in the rivers mentioned earlier, but there are over 10kg fish caught every season, too.


The river is really long, and distances between pools may be several kilometres. The river is divided in three parts, and the amount of fishing permits to them is limited. Further information about fishing on river Börselva is found here.



Ask further information, and services to the other rivers in the area. There are places to explore and waters to fish for many years. Here is a link to the map, with all of Finnmark salmon rivers.

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