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Finnmarksløpet at Skoganvarre 7-9.3.2015


This year Skoganvarre has again a key role in Finnmarksløpet. The program culminates in Skoganvarre on Saturday the 7th of March when the 1000 km racers arrive for their mandatory break. In addition, Saturday's program includes classic snow mobile races and many other events. Local products and everything between heaven and earth are sold by local entrepreneurs.


On Sunday the 8th of March there are lots of side events while preparing to welcome the 500 kms race sled-teams that will stop in Skoganvarre on Monday the 9th.


Dog-filled weekend therefore expected in March. In Skoganvarre you will get a forefront view of the most international dogsled race. Skoganvarre operates as an official check-point for the event.


For more information and reservations for accommodation:
Marjo: +47 46 862 958


Finnmarkslöpet 2015 


For more info go to Finnmarkslopet official page:





Finnmarksløpet results!

The races are over and here are the results:


1000 kilometer race:

Sigrid Ekran, Norway
Birgitte Næss Wærner, Norway
Ronny Frydenlund, Norway

500 kilometer race:

Ronny Wingren, Finland
Hilde Askildt, Norway
Elisabeth Edland, Norway


The races were a great success also in Skoganvarre and we had a much bigger role than before. We want to thank everyone who made it such a memorable event and congratulate the competitors for the huge achievements in the races. Congratulations to the winners!


More information on the results and races can be found on the official page:





Today we have published all fees for fishing and hunting licences. All permits can be bought from Skoganvarre Villmark AS. You can check this information on our license fees page. Ask from us if you need any help regarding fishing or hunting licences.


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Finnmarksløpet 8.3.2014


It is soon time for Europe's largest dog sled race Finnmarksløpet. The race will make a larger-scale appearance in Skoganvarre this year. Skoganvarre is the official stop on both routes and there will be side events and a lot more to see than before. In Skoganvarre you will get a forefront view of the action. The 1000 km racers will stop in Skoganvarre on their way to the turning point, and the 500 km racers on their way back.


Lars Monsen – who visits Skoganvarre from time to time – starts the 1000 km race with the number 5. Definitely a competitor worth following. Finnish representatives are Alexander Schwartz (49) , Ole Wingren (87), Ronny Wingren (90) and Mikael Jutila (99).


All in all, a total of 153 sled teams are in the race. It will be a huge, exciting race and again this year there will be many side events is Skoganvarre.


In case you need accommodation during the event, please be quick because there are already quite many reservations. Welcome to follow the race!

We will update the news on race related events all the time on our pages. On the official web site of Finnmarksløpet you can find the official map and live TV, results and much more. Have a look ...


Finnmarkslopet 2014 / Skoganvarre Villmark





500 Norwegian crowns for every tagged salmon caught at Lakselva river!

Natural institut for naturforskning Norway collects data on tagged and released fish at Lakselva River. The institute promises 500 NOK to all those who have caught fish which has been tagged and the information sent to the institute.

Information of the tagged fish should be sent to the Institution. Details of the study and instructions for submission of data you can get:

Information about the study also in NRK pages:



New salmon pools will be opened and there will be more areas available for sea trout fishing for season 2013. The rules for river Lakselva have remained almost the same for 2013. However, some very positive changes have been made.


All in all the best news is that there are three new pools on the river, which have previously been in private use. These new pools are in Zone 2 and they are called Danielsuando, Matarakenttä and Sloota. Click here to see it on the map!


Because of the new pools, two (2) more day permits are sold to Zone 2, which should make us all happy. Also there is a trial run for wider opportunities for sea trout fishing for season 2013. Now sea trout fishing is allowed on the whole length of the river, excluding the protected areas.


Good and significant news to all salmon fishermen on river Lakselva.


New areas  on the map


Just a few months left, hang in there!



Now it is a fact. Lakselv Grunneierforening has announced that Lakselva salmon permits sales begin 07/03/2013 at 18:00. Salmon license can be bought for the perioid  2013 from this site:



Did you know that the season 2012  in Lakselva River, was a record year. Never before have salmon catches been as much as last year. All in all, Lakselv River catch was awesome 12 213.1 kg. Twenty pounds salmon were numerous, and more than 10 kg salmon were even fairly common.  Of  this historic catches more than 40% were returned back to the river, thanks for the fishermen who practised C&R fishing methods.

The fish countings show that there were also a record made for the number of salmon fry. This fact promises good cathces for the upcoming years. Lets take a good care of the River salmon population in the river so salmon will remain viable in Lakselva. Release the big females and let them multiply!

This is a good start for the coming seasons. While waiting for the start of the fishing season we wish you all tight lines during 2013.

Welcome to river Lakselva!