HUNT AND HIKE...Skoganvarre

Hunting in the area

The beautiful mountains and river valleys offer marvellous conditions for hunters. The species hunted the most are willow grouse and hare. Legislation and rules are basically very similar to Finland. Handling guns and regulations concerning hunting are strict and well controlled. The best seasons for hunting are autumn and winter. Information about hunting licenses and prices are available here.

Metsästystä Skogavarrenissa

No one may go hunting independently in the area but there always has to be the landowner’s permission for it. We can also arrange hunting for larger groups. Kari knows about the details of hunting in Skoganvarre the most, so contact him by email at: kari(at)

Dogs in Norway

The legislation concerning dogs is strict in Norway. The regulation should be followed, because in worst case a dog without valid vaccinations may be quarantined in Norway for several months. Always ask beforehand if you are planning to take your dog with you. This way you can avoid problems and the whole entourage can enjoy the northern nature in full.

More information about bringing your dog to Norway can be found from:


 Dogs in Norway

Good to know

Normal laws and regulations are applied to hunting in the area. Contact us when you are planning a hunting trip. Also always keep in mind the following:


  • Carry and store your guns according to regulations.
  • Information about hunting licenses and prices.
  • Make sure your licences are valid.
  • Dogs need a valid EU-passport, ID-chip and vaccinations.
  • Dog always have to be leashed in reindeer herding area.
  • Import regulations on animals and guns may vary from year to year.
  • You will need a European firearms pass (EFP) when hunting in Norway.
  • Follow the local rules and advice.
  • Get to know the locally protected species well.
  • The best seasons for hunting are autumn and winter.
  • You need to make a catch report from small game.


You will get further information about custom declaration issues either by contacting us, or contacting the north Norway’s customs directly. In uncertain cases we recommend contacting the customs, because the rules change yearly.

Tollregion Nord-Norge
Puhelin + 47 77 62 55 00

Timely information about hunting in Finnmark county can be found at All hunting permits can be purchased in Skoganvarre.

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