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Skoganvarre Villmark

Skoganvarre Villmark is located in Finnmark county, 26 kilometres south of Lakselv along the road E6, in a valley surrounded by mountains, by the beautiful lake Øvrevatn. The distance from Lakselv to Skoganvarre is 26 km and from North Cape 218 kms. The area has excellent recreational opportunities.





Aurora borealis / skoganvarre / finnmark 




Finnmarksløpet at Skoganvarre 7 - 9.3. 2015

This year Skoganvarre has again a key role in Finnmarksløpet. The program culminates in Skoganvarre on Saturday the 7th of March when the 1000 km racers arrive for their mandatory break. In addition, Saturday's program includes classic snow mobile races and many other events. Local products and everything between heaven and earth are sold by local entrepreneurs.


Finnmarkslöpet 2015





Skoganvarre Wall Of Fame

Wall Of Fame is an all time fishing statistics held at cafe Skoganvarre Cafe, The listing is intended to Skoganvarre customers. The idea is to collect the information of the largest fishes caught at Skoganvarre area. The statistics table is maintained at Skoganvarre.


Read more about Skoganvarre Wall Of Fame from this link.


Wall of fame / ennätyskalat / Skoganvarre / Finnmark





The most accurate weather information of the area can be found at yr.no. website. By clicking on the maps you will get additional information. Dress appropriately and be prepared for all kinds of weather. The weather may turn rough at times, and the conditions change very quickly. From the website you will also find very accurate weather information for the mountains, in case you are heading to the mountain lakes to fish trout.

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