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For bikers

Skoganvarre - a staging post for bikers


Are you heading towards North by motorbike? Is North Cape also your dream: the mecca of bikers in northern Norway? Skoganvarre is located along the way, and a good place to stop and get refreshed before North Cape, or otherwise use as a staging post. Our location is by E6, about 200 kilometers from North Cape. More detailed information on contact info page.


Skoganvarre cafe GPS-coordinates:

69.83870 N
025.07532 E


Whether you are dreaming of North Cape or just the long, straight and quiet mountain roads with wonderful sceneries: Welcome to Skoganvarre.


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The sceneries are magnificent - a good enough reason as such for bikers to head this way.


Deal for bikers from 5.5 - 28.9.2014


When parking your motorbike in our premises we offer you and your companion 1 night accommodation in a log cabin starting 800 NOK / 2 people. Price includes lodging in a log cabin for 2 people, sauna and breakfast for 2 people. Staying overnight at Skoganvarre camping area with your own tent is also possible. We offer you a camping area for tent including breakfast and sauna for total price of 400 NOK / 2 persons. There is room for larger groups, too!


At Skoganvarre it is also possible to:

  • Do small services for motorbikes
  • Wash up motorbikes
  • Dry up driving gear and wash clothes


Skoganvarre-Nordkapp E6


We drove to Nordkapp from Skoganvarre and mounted our camera on. Check out the landscapes!



Ask more about the accommodation and reserve yours by calling Marjo at +47 46 862 958 or by sending email to: marjo(at)



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