TIGHT LINES!Skoganvarre

Fishing in the area

Skoganvarre and the surrounding areas are very well known for their wide selection of fishing opportunities. Best known is salmon fishing during the summer season, and inland fishing throughout the year.  Lately more interest has been shown also to sea fishing and king crab safaris. The fjords near by give plenty of cod, pollock, halibut and other sea fish.

Kalastusta Lakselva-joella / Skogavarren

We are very familiar with the fishing opportunities of the area, and guided fishing trips can be arranged. The independent traveller will be provided with good tips. Our camping resort with its amenities works as a good basecamp for all kinds of fishing.

We can provide more information about:

  • Salmon fishing
  • Inland fishing
  • Sea fishing
  • Information about fishing licenses and prices.
  • King Crab safaris
  • River fishing
  • The other rivers in the area



Good to know

Please remember, that for fishing you always need valid permits - from Skoganvarre camping resort you can purchase almost all the permits. The only exception to the rule is sea fishing, which is free for everyone. Exporting fish is however restricted and operative rules can be found at the customs web site. In 2012 the allowed quota was 15kg / person. This rule however does not apply to salmon, arctic char and trout.

Salmon fishing and inland fishing is restricted by many regulations that may change from year to year.  Always check the local rules and read more from the News on our web site.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Gentleman’s rules

  • For salmon fishing you need a valid, local fishing permit, disinfection certificate and the state fishing card.

  • A valid disinfection certificate is required on all salmon rivers and also for all inland fishing.

  •  Find out about the local rules.

  • You may lose your fishing rights in the area if you do not follow the rules.

  • Also your own boats have to be disinfected.


Always ask, if you are unsure about the fishing regulations or need guidance otherwise. The staff in Skoganvarre wishes you tight lines!


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