PAUSE AND PONDER...Skoganvarre
Enjoy the wilderness

Enjoy the wilderness of Skoganvarre and surroundings


Skoganvarre area and Finnmark offer excellent opportunities for nature tourism. Finnmark is all about beautiful sceneries and peaceful environment, making it easy to calm down. Moving in the nature is very popular in the area, and tourists come here also only for its beautiful sceneries, even from as far as Central Europe.



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Picking berries and mushrooms


Among the most popular activities in Finnmark are enjoying the scenery and camping, closely related to each other. There are more and more travellers who come to Finnmark to pick berries and mushrooms. Towards the end of the summer you can find almost worm-free boletes (velvet boletes or even porcinos) that are excellent side dish to trout – local food at its best.


Not to mention the endless cloudberry bogs of northern Norway, offering amazing opportunities for berry picking. Cloudberries tempt a lot of people to the area on good years. Cloudberry’s reputation as the best berry Norwegian nature can offer is not exaggerated.


Birds and sea mammals


In addition, there are plenty of opportunities and places for bird watching. On the nearest lake Övrevann a Great Northern Loon was spotted last year, and people came from as far as Central Europe to see it. Bird watching is very popular due to rich variety of seabirds.

There are a lot of seals in Porsang fjord, and every now and then also porpoises are seen by people spending time at the sea. Going further out you can meet even bigger sea mammals.



Skoganvarre and surroundings


Very close to Skoganvarre there are good areas for berry and mushroom picking. Sometimes when the word gets out of a rarity being spotted in the area, there can be a lot of bird watchers around. Seals and other sea mammals are seen near the bottom areas of Porsanger fjord from time to time.

Due to its excellent location, Skoganvarre is a very good base camp for any nature related activities. Welcome!

Popular ways of enjoying what nature here has to offer are:


  • Mushroom picking
  • Berry picking
  • Resting your eyes on the scenery
  • Bird watching


Good to know:


  • Berry and mushroom picking are part of everyman’s rights in Norway.
  • Always follow the local rules and regulations.
  • Remember the gentleman’s rules.
  • The weather may change rapidly on the mountains.
  • Mobile phone connection may be poor or there is none.


When going to the wilderness on your own, make sure that:


  • You have tools for making fire.
  • You have spare change of clothes.
  • You are dressed warmly.
  • You have a map and a compass.
  • You are aware of your whereabouts.
  • Someone knows where you are going and when you will come back.
  • You have checked the appropriate Weather report.
  • Preferably move in a group or with a friend.
  • There is enough power in your mobile phone.
  • You have saved the emergency numbers in your mobile phone.
    (Fire brigade 110, Police 112, Ambulance 113).


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