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Bringing dogs to Norway


Travelling with your dog to Norway is at best very rewarding and gives everyone memorable moments. When planning to bring your dog, it’s good to get to know the rules and regulations involved. When coming for the first time, the preparations have to start months earlier with getting a passport and getting the proper vaccinations. The regulations may change so always check the current situation beforehand.


The legislation concerning dogs is strict in Norway. The regulation should be followed, because in worst case a dog without valid vaccinations may be quarantined in Norway for several months. Always ask beforehand if you are planning to take your dog with you. This way you can avoid problems and the whole entourage can enjoy the northern nature in full.


More information about bringing your dog to Norway from:

 Finnish Lapland Dogs in Norway


Good to know and take into consideration:

  • Dogs must have an EU passport for animals, and ID chips.
  • Check the needed vaccinations and deworming.
  • Keep your dog in the leash on reindeer herding areas.
  • Bring first-aid supplies for the dog with you.
  • Reserve an appointment to the vet (in Norway) in good time.




There are very few vets in the area, and during high season they may well be on holiday. We recommend checking the potential deworming appointments well in advance to avoid surprises. No necessary appointments should be left to the last day.  The nearest vet from Skoganvarre is in Lakselv, about 20 km away. In emergencies the vet on call may be found also from Stabbursnes area.


There is also a vet in Karasjok, about 50 km away, and in Alta, about 200 km away. On the Finnish side of the border a vet on call maybe reached in Kaamasmukka. There is a vet’s reception also in Ivalo.



Lakselv Dyrlegesenter
9700 Lakselv
+47 78 46 25 45
Reservations between 9 and 10 am.


Sarres Dyreklinikk
Stuorraluohkká 9, 9730 Karasjok
+47 78 46 70 26

Alta Dyreklinikk
Altahøyden 2
9513 Alta
+47 78 43 58 66

Inari communal veterinarian.
Latutie 1, Ivalo
puh. +358 (0)16 663330


Reservations to Ivalo reception between 8 and 9 on weekdays. Phone +358 (0)16-663 330. Emergency cases also by veterinarian Marja Nuorgam at Karigasniementie 3955 (Kaamasmukka), +358 (0)400-346 812. More information at Inari commun web pages.


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