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Current and coming contests


Various contests are arranged in the area, we will gather information about them here. Some are organised by Skoganvarre Villmark, and some by other parties. Usually the contests are closely related to the area and activities in Skoganvarre and on river Lakselva. Participate and you may win awesome prizes…



Catch&release contest


Lakselv Grunneierforening organises yearly the Catch & Release contest on river Lakselva. The prices are products and services by local companies. The total value of the prizes has traditionally been high and the prizes well sought after.  Worth mentioning are the basic values of the competition; its aim to promote C & R fishing in the area. Read more about the C & R contest at web site.


>Catch&release-contest 2013, Lakselv Grunneierforening


Catch&Release Lakselva / Skoganvarre