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Contact information

Skoganvarre Villmark As

Skoganvarre Villmark AS
Turistsenteret, 9722 Skoganvarre, Norge
Email: info(at)
Gsm: +47 46 862 958


GPS-coordinates of the reception:

69.83870 N
025.07532 E

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Skoganvarre Villmark is located in Finnmark county, south of Lakselv along the road E6, in a valley surrounded by mountains, by the beautiful lake Øvrevatn. The distance from Lakselv to Skoganvarre is 26 km and from North Cape 218 km. From Karigasniemi 66 km and from Ivalo 204 km. Train and bus connections work well from Finland and you can travel easily with or without a car of your own. During high seasons you can take a bus straight from Helsinki to Lakselv.  


  • Information about road work and traffic disruptions can be found here.
  • Road weather cameras can be found here.


You can reach the area by using your own car or:



By plane:


Transport from the airports to Skoganvarre:

  • By rental (Hertz Ivalo, +358 400 962 085,
  • By taxi (Taksi Lakselv, +47 784 61 256)
  • By bus (Eskelisen Lapin linjat)
  • Transport can also be arranged by us. Ask for details.



Marjo Ihalempiä

Suomi Svenska English Norsk

+47 46 862 958


 Marjo Ihalempiä Skoganvarre

Marjo is in charge of accommodation and catering. Please contact Marjo, if you want to find out the up-to-date lodging availability or know more about the restaurant or café.



Pentti Kokko

Suomi Svenska English Norsk Deutch Espanola

+47 46 853 703


Pentti / Skoganvarre 

Pentti’s speciality is fishing (in all forms) and he has worked as a fishing guide in the area for years. Pentti can give tips on the best flies and best places to fish, and tell about fishing in the area in general. He can also help out with most questions concerning caravans and campers.

Pentti has also a passion for snowmobiles. So snowmobiling issues are his field of specialization. Contact Pentti when you want to have more information about snowmobiling at Skoganvarre.


Kari Anttonen

Suomi Svenska English

+358 400 997 522


Pentti / Skoganvarre

If you need general information about the area, or about hunting in particular, contacting Kari is a good choice. He has a long background in hunting, and the best way to get started with your own hunting trip is to contact Kari. Kari can give you answers to a variety of questions.

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